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Our mission is to provide a lifetime of clear comfortable healthy vision for you and your family.

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"Family Eye Clinic is a Healthy Eyes Healthy You(R) optometry office dedicated to providing you with the highest quality eye health and vision care at affordable fees."

Your eyes are for life, and we offer eye care designed to preserve and protect your eye health and vision.  We take the time to get to know your eye care history and health.  Our holistic approach to eye care ensures that you get the best possible care, counseling and treatment options for your eye health and vision needs.

We do not sell any optical products, lenses, frames or contact lenses. We do diagnose and prescribe treatment for vision and eye health problems.    

  • Want to know more about caring for your eyes? Keep up-to-date through our web site.
  • Have a few minutes? Find out more about eye care online.
  • We accept most vision and medical insurance plans. A list of plans is included. If you do not see your plan listed please contact us as we may be a provider